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after spending dozens of hours reading all the jetting,airbox, exhaust mods etc.( thanks to all the great contributors going back to '04)'s where my '98 TBSport is now..running great!.. aquired my beauty 3 months ago with 12,400 miles, now 14,400 condition and totaly stock when I got...then..
drilled out stock baffles 1"
disconnected, cut second airbox, made into tool box
put K N panel filter in factory stock unmodified airbox
installed new 40 pilot jets and 100 main jets,keihin carbs, left stock needles and float heights..carbs and jets were very clean..
drilled caps off a/f screws, set outer 2 cylinders at 2 turns and middle 2 1/4 turns out.
valves within spec and sparkplugs are good color brown
had been running reasonably well with slight roughness at idle and very low rpms.
but now...supersmooth, idles perfect, accelerates very hard and fast with no flat spots...drove 60 miles today having just got the new jets in..elevation: sea level...temp today 67 degrees, 40% humidity..will have to see how it runs next week when it'll be mid 80s and 75-80% humidity, Florida heat very soon...yesss
Next will be lighter mufflers, saving up to 22+ lbs..?? or so..
carb syncro/balance soon...stock seat modification soon...
Contemplating/possible main drive Belt install at 18-20k miles...I hate chain drive for many reasons...hope this helps someone with their machine...Jeff
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