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Finally Got One!!

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Well after lusting for several years and almost getting one only to have to spend the money on other things, I finally was able to put a S3 in the garage thanks to another forum member.

Had to travel a long distance (500 miles each way), but came away with a beautiful 2005 S3 in Black.

Let the games begin! (Well, after the snow melts in the spring)
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Congratulations, JH. I had a great ride on my S3 today, and hope you enjoy yours just as much as I do mine.
way to go jh. great color chioce too. :-D
Hi jh225,
Well you just uncovered the secret to a good life. Lust first followed by conquest. Thats what makes it all worthwhile. Black is a good colour. Well done.
Congrats! whose did you buy?

P.s. Black aint a color like aint aint a word, Black is the absence of color. You can always paint it. If you want it to look like cheap bastards, I have some extra dirty baby diapers lying around. :-D

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Welcome to the clan. Like me you may find yourself sneaking into the garage for a quick drool over your new toy :razz:
On 2006-11-05 21:14, Triple_Rider wrote:
If you want it to look like cheap bastards, I have some extra dirty baby diapers lying around. :-D
pay no attention to their jealousy jh! :-D Of course, I must admit, the dirty baby diapers smeared on there, would prolly look better than the black! :-D Welcome and enjoy!
What a coincedence: I just drove 550 miles each way to pick up my new (used) 06 Sp3 in Indiana. I've put a whole 6 miles on her already but will do a bunch more as soon as I get a tag. Who made up a stupid rule about having a license tag anyway? :-D

Congrats! Nice collection of bikes you have.
Got the right color too! Dont let those other guys tell you different! Just dont spoil it and paint it any other color. sean..
Black rules. No question. I too have black, it maches my GTI. Congrats.
perfect pair of bikes for the NYC... congrats
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