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Re 2009 Speed

Alright help me out here guys, I'm stuck at work until 2AM maybe later and can't get at the bike until tomoro AM, or later if the rain doesnt hold.

On the way to work today while coasting with the clutch out, in a higher gear, under power there is a LOT of feedback coming through the rear sets. It's a "loose, slight grinding, wiggle" feeling.
It's what I would imagine a loose sprocket might feel like, or an extremely loose chain but at last check that was in recommended spec.
It's absent in the correct gear and under load, ie with power going to the rear wheel. Once I hit traffic and left it in the higher gear with only adequate power to coast but not accelerate the feedback was immediately present again. I repeated it at will. Always the same. I'd investigate on my own 1st so I don't repost or waste your time/bandwidth. But as I said I'm at work all day and night and I'm racking my brain thinking and thinking about what it might be. Im on the mobile app so search isn't ideal. It's a low mileage 09

Anyone experience this that can immediately recognize the symptoms I'm describing?
Or am I like one of those nut that sings n hums at their mechanic?!

Thanks in advance all.
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