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F3 fork mod...

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There's been some discussion about this mod in the cafe forum. Some member's have already done this with very good end results. After reading that topic several times, I've decided I'm sold on the mod.

I read recently that someone sent their fork's off to racetech to have the goldvalves installed. This bike was apparently a "mule" for the project...I would assume so they can get a kit setup for our bikes.

The F3 fork's will permit more adjustability over the standard fork's as you will beable to control front ride height over a greater distance compared to stock. They are 1.375" longer than our's.

Anyway, if there's any intrest in this, I could post some pic's as I go along...once I get all my stuff.
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John,I think the brace bolts are the same size,but the mounting holes are lower on the fork leg on the Thrux,to keep the original fender closer to the 18' rim.My brace bolts are higher than the widest part of my tire [110-80/18] and my fender can be mounted/dismounted without removing the wheel.Your lugs are probably 1/2" lower than a Bonnie and your new rim is 1/2" lower than stock,so it should be a wash.Do you have a 17" fender picked out? I mounted a Honda CM400 fender under my brace to get closer to the tire.Needs some finish work and paint,but seems to fit pretty good.

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