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F3 fork mod...

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There's been some discussion about this mod in the cafe forum. Some member's have already done this with very good end results. After reading that topic several times, I've decided I'm sold on the mod.

I read recently that someone sent their fork's off to racetech to have the goldvalves installed. This bike was apparently a "mule" for the project...I would assume so they can get a kit setup for our bikes.

The F3 fork's will permit more adjustability over the standard fork's as you will beable to control front ride height over a greater distance compared to stock. They are 1.375" longer than our's.

Anyway, if there's any intrest in this, I could post some pic's as I go along...once I get all my stuff.
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Good Luck with the Project! Once you start into it you will see how easy it is to convert.

SCCT - The new Excel Alloy rims came in today as well as the new spokes. I should have laced and fitted with new ruber next week. 120/70 17 up front and 160/60 17 out back - Michelin Pilots most likely. The front is my concern - one the 6 piston caliper is very close to the spokes, and the second area is fitting the 120 on a 3.5 inch rim between the stock mounting bolts for the forkbrace/fender mount on the thrux. I'll shoot you a pic of how the front looks on the the bike and let you know how the fitment went. At this point all my calculations show it should work - but then anything can be made to look good on paper :-D .


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On 2007-01-17 09:28, Bonnie1000th wrote:
Hey John, you will be ok with the 120 on the 3.5" Excel at front.
I have the same set up, and no clearance issues to report.
You will be very happy with it!
BTW your rear setup is also identical to my.
Small world!
Hey Carlos - that looks great. The problem I may have is the front fork brace on a thruxton has some very large mounting bolts - different than a bonnie I believe - but even if they are an issue I have a back up plan.

PS - hear anything from air tech?



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On 2007-01-17 11:29, rodburner wrote:
John,I think the brace bolts are the same size,but the mounting holes are lower on the fork leg on the Thrux,to keep the original fender closer to the 18' rim.My brace bolts are higher than the widest part of my tire [110-80/18] and my fender can be mounted/dismounted without removing the wheel.Your lugs are probably 1/2" lower than a Bonnie and your new rim is 1/2" lower than stock,so it should be a wash.Do you have a 17" fender picked out? I mounted a Honda CM400 fender under my brace to get closer to the tire.Needs some finish work and paint,but seems to fit pretty good.
Thanks Steve - no fender yet, still looking for options. Thanks for the info on mounts - I anticipate no problems.
Trim - Sorry your having trouble with the mod. I went through the same with the compression damping - too soft from Race Tech's set-up. But had no problems with the Honda rebound damping - it is a little bit of a challenge getting that Honda adjustment rod in the right locaction during set-up/assembly, but I encountered no problems with it. Did you go with Gold Valves on the compression side as well? I did not thinking the honda adjuster would provide all I need at this point. It'll be worth the aggravation when its done. But it is a mod for people who like to tinker with settings and oils, and shim packs. Once it's dailed in though - very sweet ride. JCW
Trim - That bit of news is terrible. What would a Thrux bottom yoke assembly cost? That would get you out of the bind - could post looking for one from a wreck too.
Looking Great Trim - Your on the home stretch now. Wish I was too -even with the other bonnie I'm getting kinda antzy to get the Thrux going again.

dredging upan old post. Whats the correct fork oil measurement with the F3 fork mod??? I assume measure with no spring and fork compressed, from top of oil to top of fork???

Much thanks!


Fork oil level 135mm from the top of the tubes - compressed, no springs, per Race Tech for F3 forks. I have 80 kg springs and Gold valves with 10 weight oil.
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