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I have been looking at some of these "Rev boxes" (CDI units) they sell on ebay and other places. I DO NOT want the extra revs but I am looking for the spark advance sooner in the RPM... anyway does anyone have experience with these CDI units? Do you feel the difference? Again I don't care so much for the over rev feature just how it pulls in lower RPM with the different advance. Thanks
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I tried one on my Dyno, gained 0.5hp after 6000rpm. The main reason to use one is the extra rev so if you don't need that you should save your money.

And some people have had starting problems with them, others say they work fine. I don't know since I only tried it a few runs on the dyno
It started as a hobby but I have a shop so I'm starting to make some money from it now, not yet enough to pay for my hobby though
I'm 99% sure it doesn't use the TPS signal, that's why you get a higher idle. Unplug the TPS and you get a higher idle with the stock box to, the TPS retards the ignition at idle (and only at idle)
A seat of the pants test isn't worth anything, I can program an ignitor so it feels like you gained 5hp at 4000rpm and up, even though you didn't gain any at all. All I have to do is to remove 5hp at the lower revs. I can promise that you would think you gained 5hp
A NARK should give you 7-8hp, it's the cheapest hp you can buy for your Bonnie.

A mild turbokit :-D there is no such thing, believe me.

One day I might make a kit but it's not as easy as it sound, building a bike is one thing but to make a bolt-on kit is something else. I understand why turbokits are so expensive.

What I can do is to build you a one of kit, I'll put it on my bike and then when I'm happy with it I'll take it off and ship it to you. It won't be very cheap but it would still be the cheapest way to get a 100-120hp Bonnie.
You can just bolt on a turbo and run low boost but it's not an good idea and nothing I would recommend. To do it right you need a Wiseco 904cc kit (more for the forged pistons than anything else) and a 2mm base gasket, nothing else other than stiffer clutch springs. If want more than 100hp you also need Carrillo conrods

Since all my "kits" include converting to EFI it would be at least $6500 including an exchange cylinder, 904cc pistons, adjusted advance curve and everything else you need. Bolt it on and you will have 100hp and 120NM at the wheel, or more. You won't even have to put it on a Dyno
On 2007-01-28 22:20, ocguyocguy wrote:
NEVER MIND my last question...I researched it and it is too much hassel except for drag racing...
That's only half true, methanol is too much hassle but Ethanol or E85 isn't, I run my dragbikes on E85. But to gain anything you need to up the compression on a NA bike, but on a turbo you will gain power even if you don't use higher boost (but you can ;-) . You need to flow 40% more E85 than gas, easy when you have EFI but not as easy with carbs.

Come on over, I'll drink that beer while you try one off my turbo bikes!
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