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I have been looking at some of these "Rev boxes" (CDI units) they sell on ebay and other places. I DO NOT want the extra revs but I am looking for the spark advance sooner in the RPM... anyway does anyone have experience with these CDI units? Do you feel the difference? Again I don't care so much for the over rev feature just how it pulls in lower RPM with the different advance. Thanks
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OK thanks for the reply. I'll skip the rev box. I have seen what you have done to Triumphs here on this forum...VERY cool! I know "your the man" for Triumph horsepower gains. Is boosting Triumphs your job or hobby?
About your Procom rev box...did your seat of the pants test show that the new box made the bike pull harder than stock in low or mid range? I'm not sure why your bike would idle higher. I was interested in low to mid torque gains not high revs. Jojje who answered me earlier has the obvious advantage of a dyno and he knows way more than I do...he saw only a 1/2 hp gain at high rpm.

I still wonder if the midrange torque inproved with this box.
Thanks for the reply. I wished you lived close by so I could check out your bikes...but since we are so far apart this forum is the next best thing...thanks for all your input.
I will skip the rev box idea...

I was wondering. I have put Staintune pipes on my bike, pulled only the side snorkel and rejetted to 125 main jets. No other changes, it was easy, inexpensive and I am very happy with the way it runs. I was wondering if you know how much more HP is available by going beyond what I have done and putting on a nark box and again rejetting...
I probably will not change from where I am at to costs I was just wondering. Also do you ever plan to sell a "mild" turbo kit to bolt on a stock bike if that is possible?
By "mild" turbo I was hoping a turbo that I could just "bolt on" if that is even possible with out extensive head gasket work...100 HP would be perfect. Is it possible to make a "Bolt on" type or does it require head and other work as well? I have rebuilt engines but I have no turbo experience other than driving torbo cars and they are the bomb...

OK I know I'll regret asking but what would this turbo "kit" your talking about cost? I know it requires alot of your time.
$6500 is not much I know for all the time it takes to sort that stuff all out. You reall should look into marketing those for folks. I'll have to wait on that modification for now.
I bought this Triumph because it was what I liked and was afordable for me. I guess I need to stick to less expensive modifications. I have been thinking of one other thing.

Do you know anything about running ALCOHOL? What jetting to use? What are the negatives? I seem to remember alcohol runs dry, uses twice the amount of fuel per mile but it seems like an inexpensive HP gain if you only need to rejet. Does double the jet size sound correct? When I get to Sweden I am buying you what ever you like to drink or when ever you get over here same goes when we meet.
NEVER MIND my last question...I researched it and it is too much hassel except for drag racing...
Thanks jojje,
I'm savin up for that kit of yours now...
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