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Anyone remember the exhaust post that was many pages long and it listed lots of S3 exhaust pics and links? I saw it a few week back.......... :(
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Well.....I like the stock twin under tail look, but I want to get a better sound and a bit more power from a good system. I LOVE the Blue Flame Evo3, but I have a friend in the biz that can hook me up with a Scorpion titanium flame system for about $850. Anyone have info good/bad on Scorpion systems? I like the flame look and it keep the twin under tail look also. Any twin systems that look just as good, but are a better bang for the buck? Any other ideas? CB I do like the ZARD, but not as a first choice......sorry!
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Well....I found a few thing on the Scorpion users, but not many Blue Flame. The twist is my '07 has an 06 exhaust system on it, so I'm in the clear.
Thats what I needed. Contact info and sound file. I will have to contact the USA rep because the Ti EVO3 cans I like from the exhaust summary link are not shown on the site. I like the ones from the summary link, but can not find them anywhere.
1 - 7 of 14 Posts
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