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Well I was giving the girl ( my s3 of course.. ) a good clean the other day and i noticed something strange where the exhaust headers bolt onto the engine. On one side ( the far right hand header ) the bolts and header look like they're tightend to be flush with the engine where as on the other side it looks like one of the bolts has about 5 - 7mm more distance to bolt up ( if that makes sense ). I'll try and get a pic in the next day or so to better explain.

Now the exhaust doesn't move around on what looks to be the unflush side and it doesn't appear to be leaking. I just thought it looks a bit strange as the left hand side ( outside ) header is not bolted the same as the far right hand one.

As some of you know my engine was stripped due to some gearbox problem and I'm a bit worried the mecahnic may have missed something when putting in back together.

Should I worry??
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