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Excuse my ignorance, but what is a TuneBoy?

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Where do you get them from? How much do they cost? Are they easy to install? How much difference do they make? Do you need aftermarket cans to make a difference? Am I the only person in the world to think the standard cans look awesome?
Enquiring minds want to know....
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TuneBoy (and TuneEdit) is a software and cable package that allows you to adjust and diagnose the stock ECU. See the link Limey provided to see all that is possible with it.
<BR>The following is a dyno chart of power and torque for both the stock tuned 1050 Speed Triple (blue lines) with aftermarket silencers, and one that has been tuned with TuneEdit (red lines):

<BR>The Triumph Off-Road Silencers (TORS) look just like stock, are a touch louder, and flow better. The stock silencers/tune make around 112-113 rwhp.

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Ignore the <BR>

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You can download the software for free on the TuneBoy site -

You could try it and see.
On 2007-01-24 17:16, aptech77 wrote:
I'm looking at a set of EVO3 slip-ons from Blue Flame and Brian tells me, he is NOT impressed with the Tuneboys and to stick with the PC.........discuss........
To each their own.
On 2007-01-24 19:15, aptech77 wrote:
He can sell either, but he likes PC.
Then buy the exhaust and PCIII USB with O2 controller (part number 513-411) from him. He might even have a PC tune for his silencers.

Not everyone needs/wants the abilities of the TuneBoy products.

I believe TuneBoy UK has the sales in the UK locked up.
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