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Good morning,
I have questions regarding the ET 5 wire stator in my ‘67 Bonneville TT. I was doing some resistance readings on the stator coils and made a couple of discoveries.
In the Triumph service manual the wiring diagram shows the brown wire being common to the ignition coils as seen below.
Rectangle Schematic Font Parallel Pattern

When I took my readings I received the following results:
Measurements made with a Fluke 87 DMM, shorted leads reading 0.1 ohms.
Blk/W to Blk/Y - 4.7 ohms
Blk/W to Brn - Open ckt
Blk/Y to Brn - Open ckt
Brn/Blu to Red - 0.6 ohms
Brn to Red - 0.6 ohms
Brn to Brn/Blu - 1.2 ohms
So the stator is obviously not wired per the manual diagram. I am aware that there are other 5 wire stators with the lighting coils separate from the ignition coils which is what I must have. Wiring diagram as below.
Rectangle Font Slope Material property Parallel

The part number of my stator is 47197B
Automotive tire Font Tool Bicycle part Gas

In looking at the Lucas parts books online I was only able to find a stator with part #47197A. So, I would like to know if anyone can help me to find what stator this is and what the wiring diagram is for it. Much appreciated as always.

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Hi Stuart,
I am certainly a neophyte when it comes to the world of navigating through the part numbers and vendor parts associated with these British motorcycles. According to the literature I have, the Triumph parts catalog for the’67 Bonneville and TR6 range have part #47188 as the stator for the AC ignition models.

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The Lucas catalog also shows #47188A as the stator for TT models from ‘63 through ‘67 and #47197A for later ‘67 TT’s.

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If this stator has a manufacturing date of 11/69 then it is obviously a replacement part in a ‘67 motorcycle. I would still like to see a wiring diagram/schematic for this model of stator.
I am enjoying the education and challenge of this Triumph project.
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