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Does anyone know if there is an equivalent (and cheaper!) tool out there that does the same thing? It's not so much the engine management functionality that I want - but the bit that opens the ABS solenoids so that the brake fluid can be cleaned out completely.

I did read that some pressure bleeders are capable of dealing with the ABS reservoir as well, but don't know this for definite.

I did check the cost of the Triumph Diagnostic Tool - I'm surprised the parts guy was still on the phone by the time I'd recovered! At 980 UK pounds that's hell of a premium for wanting to do your own ABS brake bleeding (which is twice the cost of a non-ABS bike for starters). Maybe no option but to go to the dealer - but I want to change fluids annually, not every couple of years.

Any suggestions? How much does the Diagnostic Tool cost in the States? If it's cheaper is there anyone who would get me one and I'll forward cash to you?

Thanks in advance.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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