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engine management light

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i thought i should share some thing i learned today.

yesterday i had to take the tank off, and battery, to top up the coolant. ( minor spew of blue water while ticking over in traffic)

i put it all together and she ran fine. unfortunately the yellow engine management light was on. bike fine but annoying yellow light. i read the posts "money light on etc" and resolved to try the suggestion of letting it heat up from cold to hot ( fan running ) 3 times, in the hope of clearing the false fault.

i telephoned the dealer in cheltenham today to see what they thought. he kindly said visit us and we will connect it up and clear the fault, "we often get that when battery and fuel sender has been disconnectd". i asked are there any DIY tricks to clear the fault as i could not go there untill weekend and the tip is:

when hot stop the motor on the kill switch and leave it off for 20 seconds. and guess what it works! system reset and light gone away and me and tiger happy again!

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3 cycles always works for me.
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