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emergent: water in tank?

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Got caught in heavy Tampa rain yesterday. Reservoir around the filler neck filled up with enough water that some dumped into the tank when I opened the fuel cap to refuel. Have no way of knowing how much.

Take action? Don't worry about it? I've driven < 1 mi. since the incident, and am down here for the holiday, 130 miles from home. Hoping to return tmw at the latest.

(New to the speed triple and new to the board, which has been an amazing resource. Thanks in advance!)
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It happened to me too. In Germany when I was 750 miles from home. Absolutely pissing down when I came out of the hotel. I wanted to check how much petrol I had in the tank and when I open the cap all the water that was gathered in the rim fell into the tank. It seemed like it was a lot of water but in reality it was very little. With little option to ride on the bike never missed a beat.
Sorry mate was it that stuff?
On 2006-12-26 16:01, Briank wrote:
throw a little sea foam fuel stabilizer in the tank and forget about it
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