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I have 1964 6T which had an electrical fault that fried the wiring.
Replaced wiring bike ran fine for a couple of rides of about about 30 miles each.
However today went to start it and ran on one cylinder Battery measured 3 volts (thought I must have left the key on)
Replaced with another battery that only showed 11volts but I thought it better than 3.
Still running on one cylinder, found the white wire off one of the coils (the one that attatches to both coils) put it on and the bike was away tested battery with engine running at 2000rpm showed 13.5 volts.
Went to go for a ride, but as soon as I reved the bike the ammeter went off the scale on the + side and the engine cut out.
Started it again had a bit of trouble to get it to idle,revved it up and same thing ammeter off the scale and engine cuts out
I am a bit lost. Do you think it could be the Zener or the rectifier?

Any advice gratfully received


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