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Hi, does anyone know how to track down an electrical leak? The battery drains to dead in a couple of days. The battery was replaced, so I don't think that's the issue; there's a short somewhere, anyone know how to find it?

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Easiest way is to:
- turn everything off
- check to see if any lights are dimly lit
- take the fuse out (between the negative battery terminal and the rectifier) - should be a brown/blue wire
- connect a digital multimeter in 2000mA mode (might have to move the red lead on the multimeter itself to a different hole for mA mode, and switch to the 2000mA switch position. put the Black lead probe to battery negative, and red lead probe to the blue brown wire going to the rectifier (or to the fuse holder connector on the same wire)
- if the multimeter reads 0000mA, you don't have a leak, and the likely problem is a dicky battery. Recommend you replace with an AGM type - less prone to leaking acid, and to vibration.

- if you read more than 0000mA on the meter, you have a component bad somewhere
- to find the bad component, disconnect the following components one at a time, checking the meter reading as you disconnect. If the meter reading doesn't change, connect the component back up and move on. If it does change (reduce) then that component is likely to be faulty - so you can leave it disconnected. Keep going until the meter reads 0000 Ma.
- components are:
rectifier red lead - centre top
rectifier green/white and green/yellow leads (from alternator)
rectifier brown/blue lead (take it off the rectifer connector)
zener diode - brown/blue wire behind right-hand airbox cover and filter
lighting switch (inside headlamp shell - brown/blue wire)
white/yellow wires to coils, or to Boyer, etc

Let us know how you get on.

igntion switch - brown wire
indicator flasher - behind left-hand-side side cover
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