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I installed LED halos and strips inside my 2008 Sprint ST 1050 headlight assembly. I wired them directly to the ‘Sidelight’, or what we refer to here in the U.S. as the ‘Park’ lights. So, whenever the ignition is on (whether the bike is running or not), the LED’s are on, as are the 'Park' lights and the 2 DIPs (Dims in the U.S.). Nothing too terribly complicated, just soldered the LEDs to the 'Park' light wires.

Now for the more complicated part (at least for me it is a bit intimidating, as I don't want to screw anything up).

I recently imported a Euro-style headlight assembly from Australia (I believe it was off of a 2001 Sprint ST 955). Now, before I get lectured on the legal issues associated with this, I get it. I never intend to ride my bike without the headlights on. I want to be able to have just my LED's on when I am parked and hanging out or at a bike show, etc. I am too old and too conservative to think I would ever try to kill all my lights to outrun the PoPo.

Ideally, here is how I would like it to work, and am looking for advice on how to correctly wire it to my 2008 Sprint ST 1050:

1. When switch is in ‘Off’ position, I would like ALL lights to be off, including LED’s, Park, and DIP’s.
2. When switch is here, I would like just the LED’s/Park lights to be on (keep in mind my LED’s and Park lights are wired together already). Would be cool if the ‘PASS’ lever flashed the High Beam on this setting, but not a necessity.
3. When switch is here, I would like all lights (LED’s, Park, and Headlights) to be on. I would also like the DIP/Main switch to be able to work as it was designed to work in this setting, as well as the ‘PASS’ lever.
Of course this is my ideal setup, but if what I am trying to do is next to impossible, I am open to suggestions. I good with cutting, splicing, soldering. Just not good at reading/understanding schematics and wiring.


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