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Hello all,

I've added comments because I did the change this Sunday afternoon...
This morning I discovered the wires were fried !!!
I have pics if you want.

(I just have received the G75 part from Electrex but the connector is not installed so I don't know if I must respect a defined order for the 3 wires!)
-> I found a pdf file at Electrosport's : there is no order that's why all wires are same colour
(I think the trouble is the same with Electrosport part : delivered with separated connector)
(If somebody could help me it would be great)

Good week end


PS : The bike runs and there is around 13,6v at 4000rpm (was 12,5 before)

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OK, I'm ready for the flaming!!!!

I don't think it matters which wire goes where in the connector from the generator to the rectifier/regulator, it's 3 phase AC, any phase can go in any position. If they were meant to go to specific positions they would be colour coded and not all the same colour. Mine were all yellow and were connected as they came,no specific position.
It's the wires out of the rectifier/regulator that you need to make sure go to correct position in the connector, otherwsie you'll short out the battery and melt your wiring again.

Hope this helps.


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Hello Sherekhan,

I have added the picture of the connector and also the generator where you can see one of melt wire and cut. I cut the 2 others myself.
I didn't know Friday night I had only 2 of the 3 phases and I could have burnt with the bike!!!
Generator seems to have trouble with thre of the eighteen solenoids.
(see photo album submission area -> Tiger69pics)

Tonight while caming back from work I could checked the light was increasing with the rpm -> easy when you're behind a car stuck in a traffic jam by night.
Arrived at home the battery was 12,9v (was 12,6 usually)

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