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Depends on your definition of a "very lean running bike". To my "old school" mind, the stock bonnie with carbs is a very lean running bike. It will probably run 100,000 miles that way with NO problems from the A/F mixture.

If you have done performance mods on a new bike, I would recommend you get some help in determining the A/F ratio. Some do not recommend running the bike on the dyno until it has break-in + miles on it; however, some race bikes are broken-in on the dyno.

I do not recommend ANY performance mods on a bike until one has 3000 miles on it for two reasons: 1. This gives me time to sort out any problems that occur without the added unknowns of the performance mods; 2. At this mileage, I feel comfortable putting the bike and rear tire on the dyno to get the A/F ratio set properly.

Good luck with your new bike and RIDE,
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