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I don't know, but i think you'd have to get a different throttle. The runner the cable rides in is the key. the larger the diameter the less you'll have to turn it. maybe you could try filling the groove with tape or something to build it up higher, that is as long as the cable doesn't then rub the housing. i feel the same way in one's too long of a turn to get to WOT. On the other hand i think it would make those very slight throttle opening low speed situations overly touchy. Like when you're tirning a corner at 10 MPH.I believe the key would be a steeper ramp in the groove so that it doesn't turn too much at low settings, but then the diameter quickly rises to make the last 1/2 or 3/4 of rotation give more travel with less rotation. I think again the way would be to find a new throttle that has a non linear ramp for the cable. But i know nothing about whether or not you can get anything like that.
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