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I've used disposable foam earplugs when riding for longer than I can remember. They seem to work well enough a reducing noise and only fall out mid-ride occasionally. As I've aged however, I've found that I have difficulty hearing my Bluetooth intercom, much to the annoyance of my wife.

So about 18 months ago, I bought a set of Earpeace earplugs, thinking they would provide protection for the limited amount of hearing I have remaining and make it easier to hear the intercom. And they do! Absolutely! My wife and I both use them and find them more comfortable than foam plugs, as good or better at attenuating unwanted noise than the large, bell-shaped foam plugs, and effective at not muffling speech, especially the intercom.

They cost $20/pair, which is expensive, but they work well. They also give you 3 plugs (so you can lose one) and a nice, aluminum case to store them.

If you ride alone and don't need to be able to hear speech well then they probably aren't worth the cost. But, if you ride two-up frequently, I highly recommend them.
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