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drive chain

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i'm replaceing chain on 69tr6r i have a 10 foot length of 50-1 riv renold chain 5/8 pitch . I think this is industral chain will t his work for motorcycle chain it fits on sprokets very well? If not what chain would be recommened. thanks for you're help
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Industrial chain is usually for slow speed operation only. Get thee to a motorcycle supplier and buy a motorcycle chain, you'll be much happier. I usually buy an inexpensive chain for my '70 every other year, or even every year, depending on usage; that way I don't need to lubricate it, just put a factory lubed one on as needed.

Just the wisdom of a fool speaking: Jim
and plus, then you have a new belt every other year.
Exactly right. #50 is the right size, but isn't durable. You need 530 chain, for high speed, motorcycle use. Most older British bikes can't use the heavy side plate or o-ring chains, as they cut into the crankcases, there isn't enough room for them.
I found something which may be interesting to you. My 68 was running as a slightly hotted 750 with five speed and 20T gbx sprocket. I was getting some serious wear on my rear chain, less than I thought it should get. I replaced it several times, same type of chain (Tsubaki QR). Then I replaced the rear drum and sprocket with a 43 tooth one piece item. The wear dropped to maybe 15%, or less, of what I was getting previously. Nothing else was altered. I attribute it to the "hunting tooth" principle, the 43T rear sprocket being a prime number. It certainly isn't explained by the difference in gearing.
It might also explain why the factory chose 47T for the conical hubs and later disc brake bikes, and 53 for the Trident?
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