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Recently the senior staff verbalized that my behavior has changed at work since I bought the triple. In this discussion they had to lay down some ground rules because I have to present a certain image. I found out what they didn't like.

Walking into a meeting holding a helmet, tank bag as a briefcase, and bragging about how quickly I got there is no longer appropriate.

Wearing a black t-shirt with skulls and inappropriate saying under my white dress shirts, during the fore mentioned meeting is not always appropriate.

Going to the strip club for lunch is not acceptable.

Trying to pop a wheelie every time I drive past the front window of the office, whilst trying to impress our typically hot receptionists is no longer appropriate. And consequently making out with the receptionists during company functions is no longer appropriate.

Bragging about riding naked is no longer something I can do in the office. Those who have been to my house for parties know that sometimes this describes me and not always the bike.

Requesting reimbursement for speeding tickets, but having justified the expense as being cheaper than my hourly rate, is not acceptable.

I tried to explain how this bike improved my confidance and time management skills, but they don't buy it. I still want a dress suit with a back protector. :razz:
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