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Don't try this at home.....Unless authorized....

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Finally got the Sprint back together from its maintenence.
It's finally home in the Living room of the Condo Next to the Guzzi. Yes, I live alone.

Richard Z.
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On 2007-02-10 13:08, iceman wrote:

your Sprint is immaculate (7 years old?) - and those new mesh inserts look sharp!

Do you just ride it around your condo?

Grant :cool:
Thanks, It cleaned up nice. It was Ok when I got it, but needed alot of touch up. It will actually be my workhorse. It's inside until better weather and until I get the Eddie Lawson Replica Back together. Eventually the ELR and the Wes Cooley will be in the living room and the Guzzi will be in the garage with the Triumph. Unless I sell some furniture, then they all will be inside. Im trying to figure out how to get the Water Buffalo upstairs to the bedroom.

Richard Z.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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