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Liz and I recently made another collectible donation in David’s memory. The link below will take you to the story about the album that we donated in his memory. It is funny how things just happen on an interesting time schedule. Tomorrow, March 1st, is St. David’s Day. St. David was the patron saint of Wales.

Please follow the link and read the story. It is number 1 on Ed’s list of articles.


Greetings, All!
Here's your last Motohistory Update before many of you rush off to Daytona. It contains:

1) Triumph in America, in pictures.

2) Poet Lister gets recognition.

3) New road racing history from Duke Video.

4) From the web, here's the latest from SuperbikePlanet, Old S'Cool, Randakk, Fantic, and the Dean of BMW Web Masters.

5) Shobert to the Motorsport Hall of Fame.

6) Think there's no free lunch? There is at the Packard Museum.

7) More photohistory by CHess.

8) A motorcycle with moxie.

And, we have a new Motohistory Quiz, this time with free tickets to the Legend of the Motorcycle International Concours. So rush to your keyboard to be the first with the correct answer for this special prize.

For this and more, go to, then click News & Views.

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That is just wonderful!
Thanks so much for sharing it with us!
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