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Jan 1, rode with the AZ RAT club for the Tortilla Flat run. Great club and a very scenic run made the trip worthwhile. I had seen it mentioned several times and decided to check it out. What I didn’t know was what a tradition this run is in AZ. Tortilla Flat is a town of 6 people and almost every bike club in AZ shows up on Jan 1. What an awesome collection of bikes.

Jan 9, rode with the San Diego STAR Chapter from NC Yamaha. Around 40 bikes showed up. A very organized club with very friendly people. They let me ride my Speedmaster and didn’t seem to hold it against me. Some pretty nice iron. This group is a little more sedate than I am used to but with that many bikes you cant be too careful. Because of the Santa Ana winds Saturday they decided to skip the mountains and took a route around Fallbrook and that area, most of which I had never ridden before. Some of the big STARS did a little scraping on corners even at the slower speeds (not all had great ground clearance). Again, a very nice group and well worth the experience but a little too organized for me.

Anyway, got a good start on the year, how about the rest of you SOCAL riders (or anywhere the weather is agreeable).

I think the next ride is the Mods vs Rockers, hope to see you there.
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