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Deer Avoidance System !!

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Just wondering if any of you guys are using this Clicky !!

does it work ?? or is it just a gimmick ??

KK :cool:
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IMHO, don't waste you money. I bought one of these, and I believe the claims are BS. With stock pipes on bonnie, I rode down a rural 2-lane rode with the Hornet Deer avoidance system on. I rode past a pasture with hundreds of goats eating within 3 yards of the roadway--they paid me no attention what-so-ever. Two weeks later I rode down the same road with some very loud silencers installed on bonnie. When I came to the area where the goats were, I noticed they began running to the center of the pasture while I was still a half mile away. I could see them in my rear view mirrors returning to the edge of the road when I was a couple of miles past.

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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