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Deer Avoidance System !!

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Just wondering if any of you guys are using this Clicky !!

does it work ?? or is it just a gimmick ??

KK :cool:
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I have about 5-20 deer around my house every morning/evening. They bed down in the woods and eat with the horses in the field. They get used to noises (tractors,mowers), so I'm sure these devices work well while they are an "unknown predator", but then the results quickly diminish.

Only some very close calls so far for me, but I am scanning for them almost more than for cages and gravel. ++++1 all the great info here.

O/T , tbagolfer, what can I say my friend, God Bless ya! :roflmoa2: :razz: :chug:

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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