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Deal on Oxford Hotgrips UK

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Got Oxford Hotgrips at the Hein Gericke shop in Glasgow for £29.99. Fitted them on the TBS, working a treat. Nice for an old bloke with rickety hands. Recommended at that price.
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I've got a pair sitting under the christmas tree (not much use there are they.. :) )

Same price from J&S.
I saw a Tbird recently, with the controller fitted down behind the horn cover, in front of the left carb.

I am planning to fit them to my winter hack, not the Tbird so I am not too concerned about appearance.
I just fitted my Oxford grips. Forget about wiring them straight to the battery with the connectors provided- it's too easy to leave them switched on when the bike is parked. They will soon flatten a battery.

I found a switched live and tapped into that for the feed.

The grips themselves were an absolute b$!*tard to fit. The left side of my alloy bars is knurled, and on the right (throttle side) the throttle sleeve had raised ribs to hold the grips in place. These ribs had to be removed.

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On 2006-12-30 13:20, bigred900 wrote:

By the way, I stuck the on/off switch on the inside of my new dark smoke flyscreen, just to the left of the speedo. :-D
Hey this is getting spooky. I also got a new black flyscreen :hihi:
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