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Deal on Oxford Hotgrips UK

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Got Oxford Hotgrips at the Hein Gericke shop in Glasgow for £29.99. Fitted them on the TBS, working a treat. Nice for an old bloke with rickety hands. Recommended at that price.
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I have been seriously considering them too. They look really easy to fit. But the only thing putting me off is i cant think of anywhere out of the way to mount the control box. I think it is pretty big and ugly so would prefer it not to be smack bang on the bars, especially since i just bought some v sexy street style bars and black alloy mini mirrors. YUMMY!!

Where did you guys put the control box?

Hey Motiztab,

Thats a good idea for positioning the switch. Where did you wire it all into? I just got some Motrax heated grips and am not sure of the best place to power them from.

On 2006-12-29 14:24, Slinky wrote:
The grips themselves were an absolute b$!*tard to fit.
My god Slink, your not kidding are ya!! I put mine on this afternoon (in the freezing rain). Eventually got them far enough on the bar to fit the bar ends again. My bars are also knurled on the left and I ended up using a mallet to get 'em in place.

Thanks to your heads up about the throttle side I was armed with a flat file. It was a very tight squeez but easier than the left side. Didn't need the supplied glue, those puppies are NOT going anywhere.

I got the Motrax version, the instructions were a joke. It gave you a very simple wiring diagram to fit directly to the battery and told you to just put the grips on, connect the wires and hey presto. Which I suppose is accurate. A little detail might be nice tho.

Not tested them properly yet, I hope all it was all worthwhile. Seems to me they could be designed for a little more ease of fitment by making a small gap the length of the heated insert and letting the rubber of the grip flex it a little for installation. Once on the bar the supplied glue does its job and bob's ya uncle.

Oh well, it's done now. :???:

By the way, I stuck the on/off switch on the inside of my new dark smoke flyscreen, just to the left of the speedo. Perfect position and hidden from the elements. Pictures as soon as I get my Member album. :-D

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1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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