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Hi Dave here, Just joined today

Currently riding a 1996 Daytona 900 in black, I bought 2 years ago, less than 24k on the clock and running well, However work done so far,

A damn good clean and touch up where needed. Humbrol Gloss Black No21 is a pretty good match.

Had new rubber fitted - Pirelli Diablo Strada,

Replaced caliper seals all round - vast improvement as half the pistons were stuck!

New battery, old one looked original and wouldn't hold a charge. Charging system tested and fine.

New plugs and air filter......that's fun!....just love that centre plug!

New rear brake light switch.

Currently sorting out the Scottoiler and getting the bits together to change the oil.

Thinking about sorting the fuel tap, as a bit sticky and replacing the fuel lines which are getting a bit brittle.

Most of all though enjoying the riding!

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Welcome to the forum!

It sounds like you are treating your Daytona well! I owned a 1999 Daytona 1200 SE. I miss that motorcycle more than any other! The one that got away...

The Daytona Deliberations forum is where you can connect with other Daytona riders. Introduce yourself there, post photos of your Daytona, and join the banter.

You will also find that the T3 forum covers this era Triumphs.

I hope you find every thing you need here in our community.

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