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hello everyone. new here. ran a search... but couldn't find anything.

i'm planning on upgrading to a bigger bike from my sv650s. i've narrowed it down b/n a gixxer 750 and the daytona 675. i just took a look at the 675 this passed weekend and i find the seat height about .5-1" too high for me (i'm a little shy of 5'6).

has anyone successfully lowered this bike? i found a company that sells adjusters near me and they have an adjuster listed under a triumph '06 675 triple'

i emailed them about the adjuster and they replied back to me:

"We're told the 675 used the same link as the r1/r6 so we included it but have never test fitted yet. No one has ever brought in a 675 to try."

i'm not a mechanic... and don't know anything about these things. does anyone know if this adjuster will work with the 07 daytona 675?

speaking with the dealership.. they first claimed that the bike could not be lowered... however, after they reviewed a microfiche diagram.. they later said that it may be possible. i find this all very confusing. :???:

sorry for the long post... i really do luv this bike... any help or guidance would be appreciated.

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There's someone on who has lowered a 675. Not sure who's link they used, but you might want to hop over there and use the search feature...


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I lowered my 675 about 1 inch maybe a little more...I used the fully adjustable link by Naarden..... and I lowered the forks to match the rear

also shaved and recoverd my seat.....

so far the link has had no ill effects on the handling, plan on doing some track time this year, but if the lowering creates a problem on the track, all I have to do is adjust the link!!

I am 5' 4"...and now the bike is good for me, not flat footed but low enough to give me the needed confidence .

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