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Dakar Rally

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Anybody on the forum following the Dakar Rally?

We get a half hour daily roundup on Versus channel. Amazing event. Toughest race in the world I think.

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I watched Charlie Boormans Race to Dakar late last year, (there was a bit on Andy's death in it). It is an enormously hard event. Talk about extreme sports... I have a lot of respect for the skills and the sheer drive of guys (and gals) who enter this type of event, but I still think they're absolute nutters!

I can't help thinking of the rich Western tourists pouring through some of the poorest African nations sometimes though!! . :(
I bought the DVD (with the Dr, Tornado etc DVD) at the Sydney Bike Show. I sat and watched it in 2 sittings :)

Yeah, the tourism thing is a real two edged sword isn't it. Does bring money into those countries with the full circus following the racers, but it must seem a whole other, totally unreal or surreal world to the locals.....

1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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