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Cristmas Prezzies

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Well I wasn't going to do alot to my new 955i but as I have been a good boy all year!! :-D
Father Christmas bought me a new Gel Seat, some R&G Crash mushrooms and some headlamp covers :)

Spent today fitting them all as well as finally getting round to fitting the low level carbon can I had previously bought :-D
All I think im gonna get next is a double bubble screen and call it a day for now :hammer:
Gotta say im so glad I took the plunge and bought the daytona its a great bike :razz:
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Great minds and all that - I just fit my new gel seat to day! A chrimbo pressie from me to me.. :wink:

What screen are you looking at getting? I want a double bubble dark tint but don't know wether to go for after market or Triumph (Jack Lilley have them for 50 notes).
I was bad and unwrapped them all early, still waiting for the hugger should be with me on the 8th January, fitted the low carbon pipe the double bubble, headlight protectors, carbon heel plates, tank protector, fairing protectors, all I want next is the R+G mushrooms, how much did yours cost lowey, oh and I want a carbon yoke cover and .........
I was looking for a genuine triumph Aeroscreen, I phoned up the dealer and joked with them to see if they would drop the price as its the January sales :-D
Answer was: whats the January sales :???:

I think £90 is a bit steep so just took a look at the one's you mention at Jacklilley, and the £50 one's are an aftermarket accessory and I have been looking at the AIRBLADE dark tint double bubble and am waiting for a reply off a guy who was selling these for £32 + £6 post & packing. :-D

R&G crash bungs cost £60 but think they're well worth the expense in case anythink bad happens :???:
Let me know how you get on with the Airblade - at that price I would willingly throw some money his way for one aswell.
I notice a mention of a yoke cover by an '06 owner.

Is there such a beast? I can only find ones for earlier models.

As soon as I hear from him regarding the Airblade screen I will post a reply here.

I know fibre-lyte list a carbon yoke protector for the Daytona 2002-on you may wanna take a look at their site? :???: Its in The United Kingdom.
I bought myself a 904cc kit and cams for my Bonnie so it would have at least half the power of the 955i.
I did get the pazzo levers at the moto show in the begining of December.

But most of the real xmas gifts for a vehicle went into my 06 Mustang GT. The Wife bought the Ford Racing mats. And I bought myself a set of FFRP GTA's Axle Back mufflers.

I bought myself a 904cc kit and cams for my Bonnie so it would have at least half the power of the 955i.
I was thinking of this mod if I ever go get a Speedmaster or America. I would like the R3, but more expensive and the cc's will kill me on insurance. And now I am considering more the America, now that the Speedmanster and this have the same engine. The America is a little less expensive, and has a better back seat for 2 up.

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Techman-if you do alot of tow up, the America sets up pretty nice with shield, bags and rack. Saddlebags I've seen are VERY small. Speedmaster has a more aggressive look and mag wheels. You can get a two up seat for it as well. I like having two bikes, but the Daytona is the cool customer in my garage. The Bonnie is something I figure I can ride around town for giving those Ducati Sport Classics & 1200 Sportster fits.
Definately the Daytona will always be my favorite. I have looked on the Triumph site, the America is what I would go with because it has the color I would want. That blue with white looks good.
Plus you can trick the America out pretty cool. Nice color choice!
Well my Double bubble screen arrived this morning :-D

Unwrapped it expecting the Airblade screen that I ordered and found that it was a Skidmarx DB screen :???:

Anyway looks great and paid £32.95 + £5.95 delivery.

It was for my 2006 Daytona 955i but will fit all models 2004 -on :cool:
Where did you get your DB screen from? I need one desperately. Is it a dark tint?

Google Skidmarxs and order direct from their site.

Nice screen, very well made and fits like a charm. I still think that the double bubble creates dirty air at head height compared to the stock unit, but Skidmarx are probably the best outside of the genuine Triumph unit available from dealers.


I emailed you twice directly through this site over a week ago explaining how I was ordering a DB screen.I told the guy who I ordered it from that you might be interested and you may email him.

Check your emails that you should receive from people emailing you direct through this site, If you cant find them I will post the details.

It is a dark tint and was £32.00 + £5.95 delivery, which I was well pleased with. :-D

By the way , even though its dark tint you can still see through it!!
Lowey, Must be a problem at my end - can't find any e-mails. If you send the details to [email protected] I'll contact the guy and order one up.

Thanks again, Si
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