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I guess I just like working on my Bikes. I purchased a used 2018 XRt last month, which did not have saddlebags or crash bars. I looked around quite a bit and decided on the Heed crash bars out of Poland. I am quite impressed. Finish was good, shipping was fast, price was reasonable and the fit was great. I even like the looks.

Saddle bags were more difficult. I was really leaning toward either the Triumph or Trekker aluminum bags, but just really had issues with the weight and the price. So I decided to go with a GiVi soft bags, the EA101B. I found a NWT set on eBay for $90 to my door. But I did not like the velcro fastening system, so I made a set of metal mounts. I think they came out pretty good and I like the look of the bags. They slide on and off easily and are held on with two clips.

The weight for the bars, bags and mounts was about 25lb. Not to bad.

Now the only item left is a Stebel Nautilus air horn.


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