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My '66 Bonnie has been weeping oil from the crankcase filter plug since I brought it home. Today I pulled the plug to resurface and anneal the copper washer and see if there were any scars on the sealing surfaces. I cleaned the filter screen and found that it is probably the original screen. It has at least 3 small holes in it, is a little crunched and had one long piece of screen wire hanging out there just begging to break off and enter the oil stream.

I checked my parts book and see that this plug and filter screen are an assembly and you cannot replace just the screen. Does anyone sell a screen you can solder into the plug? Has anyone tried to make their own and replace a damaged screen? I have a idea on how to do this without making any seams. But sourcing the right screen mesh locally might be a challenge.

Checked several of the US vintage Triumph parts outfits and nobody seems to carry that part. Many of the Candian and UK vendors do. Anyone know a US source for that part? Part number is E5312 (70-5312). I did not ask Baxter yet. They still do not have an on-line parts catalogue.
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