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In this weeks mcn .New BMW 700gs takes on tiger 800, vstrom 650,
and Versy's 650. After just test riding the 800gs and k1200s. Why you may ask.
As a desperate solution to solving my suspention problem. With the longer
lowering links has become far to soft,even cracking the rear hugger.
Also exasperated by my new pillion buddy.Let's just say she goes against the
trend of modern thinking, of mass centralization . Anyway getting back to the test
The tiger 800 feels a much better bike ,from zero revs it pulls more instantly
than the BMW, which suits my riding style. Also the BMW is tall, on the test ride
I was like a ballerina. It felt heavier than the tiger but I suspect mine feels
lighter because its been lowered.So riding the160miles round trip back from the
dealers I was glad to be aboard the tiger.The riding position feels just right,
even with my recently acquired shoulder escaping, courtesy of a little old
lady in a Nissan micra , who also entrusted my beloved zrx 1200 to bike
heaven. The 700 & 800 gs is BMW take on the tiger&xc.I would have had to give
the dealer the tiger ABS with €900 extras + € 4600 for the gs with the option of
the bells and whistles. But its all about the ride for me !
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