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It is cold and flu season and my Trophy has developed an intermittent cough. It occurs when I roll on the throttle hard. The bike shudders and the tach drops. The whole event only last a fraction of a second. I think I have a loose electrical connection. I have checked the battery connections and they are good. I have also checked the crank sensor and it ohmns good. I am going to check the igniter connector. Anyone have more ideas?
I recently replaced the battery and both headlights with halogens.

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Yo! I just joined the forum to discuss this same problem...glad to know its a normal thing. Only difference, my cough is only occurring in one muffler? Could this still be a coil problem? My mechanic is suggesting a fuel mixture problem (requiring me to adjust he mixture underneath the carbs....

so, where can I get new coils and instructions to put them on? My nearest dealer is 2.5 hours away.
You get the coils from your dealer or Nology, Triumph coils are not cheap, but I`ve never tried Nology myself. There is no trouble changing the coils yourself, just take off the fuel tank, and there they are, just be sure you change the right one, and get the wire ring right. It took me about 1 hour to change one, and I`m no mechanic.
I would not recommend adjusting the mixture screws. They are covered with brass caps that have to be drilled off and unless you own an angle drill the carbs will have to be removed. Unless you have a emisions tester you can get things really out of "wack" and induce more problems.

The stock coils are $125-130. You could try mail order through Great Bay, but I don't know their cost...

If your mechanic skills are low get a little help. It is not hard to change a coil, but removing and reinstalling the tank the first time can be taxing.

I'm not afraid! OK, a little...but I'm ready...perhaps an instructions manual on the removal of the tank!

before I buy the coils, what do you make of the "sucking" sound emitting from the carbs? Kind of a sudden burst of air that causes a disruption in the purring of the engine?

your thoughts are welcome...
Check your diaphragms in the carbs, these have been known to deteriorate, be very careful with the very small 'O' rings that sit in the vacuum take off gallery. Diaphragms are not that expensive, even from Triumph :-D

Nology coils have got her running 95%. Still have phantom tach (decides to 0 out or freeze at 4.5 rpms (never consistant...) and the "sucking" sound still present in the carbs -

at least she is smooth and fast again

whats next?
Sucking sound?
Try this: get a can of carb cleaner and spray it around the carbs while the engine is running any change in running will show you where the leak is.
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