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It is cold and flu season and my Trophy has developed an intermittent cough. It occurs when I roll on the throttle hard. The bike shudders and the tach drops. The whole event only last a fraction of a second. I think I have a loose electrical connection. I have checked the battery connections and they are good. I have also checked the crank sensor and it ohmns good. I am going to check the igniter connector. Anyone have more ideas?
I recently replaced the battery and both headlights with halogens.

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Got the chance to ride today. First couple of miles ran bad. Next 10 ran great. got 1 mile from home and she coughed coming off of a couple of stop signs...It wasn't the diaphram.
If you had fuel in the dry side and in the vacuum line, your diaphram was bad. So replacing it needed doing anyhow.

Have you tried running with the fuel filler cap open? The breather in the filler cap assembly can get clogged up and not allow the fuel to run properly too.
did you measure the temperature on all cylinders? if its not the same, try to swap the coils, and see if the problem changes cylinder. It sounds like coils to me.
Yes I agree with you Norway.... I am going for the f-king coils!!! Have you done the nology coils? Others seem to have good luck with them. I know this supject has been beat to death, but one more lashing won't hurt
Had similar prob with mine a few years ago. After checking everything I could think of, took it to the dealer(was still under warranty). They replaced the coils, high tension leads, and igniter. Apparently igniter went bad and fried the coils. Ran great for another year. Another coil went bad, replaced both with Nology's, MUCH cheaper than Triumph's. No probs since. Oh, I also removed the piece of ***** rollover valve. Kept sticking and starving the carbs for fuel(Before anyone else says anything, I know it's there for safety reasons if you lay the bike down. I'll take my chances. Better than having the engine die in the center lane in Austin during rush hour. 'Nuf said). Not sure what the igniter cost's, but I know it's expensive.

Hope this helps.

Erv, Somewhere in Texas
The dealer in Norway said that they would not recommend nology, only original Gil coils, so I got an original. They could not come up with any good explanation why, so next time I`ll go for something else.
BTW, I just got my bike back from the garage, they changed oil and filter, spark plugs (yes I`m lazy this winter), changed a vacuum line and checked the valve clearance. 3 valves was to tight.
I have not tried her on the road yet, but she purrs like a cat.
It is suppose to snow tonight and thru the weekend, but temps are suppose to warm up next week. So I will be able to ride or work on the bike (unheated garage).
Mark is not a coil problem. The temp has been over 50 so far this week and the bike runs great.
I think I induced this problem by syncing my carbs at a higher rpm than idle and it made the bike "run cold". So when the air temp was in the 30's it never warmed up and cut-out.
This whole problem was a fault that I caused.
I guess I should retract my last post. I resynced the carbs and it still does it. If the air temp is below 50 she will cough when you roll on the throttle over 50 runs like a champ. So I am still looking for the cause.
I had similar problems with my 01 ,1200. Problem turned out to be kinks and pinches in fuel tank vent lines & fuel lines.
Okay I am going way out on a limb now...
I have noticed that the bike doesn't act up during the first mile of operation. Also, if I pull a little choke it doesn't do it.
Today I rode 50 miles on the interstate doing 80mph (temp in the low 50's and she coughed), when I stopped the hose coming from the cylinder head on LH side of engine wasn't even warm and the radiator wasn't hot either.
This sound like a stuck thermostat ( in full open) not allowing the engine to reach operating temp. The engine is warm when I leave the house, but cools off in the first mile.
I have already change the fuel lines and checked the vent system.
How this for a long reach of logic?
I ordered a thermostat and it arrived Friday. Installed it this morning. Took 20 minutes. My old t-stat could be opened with finger pressure! New one is tight. Went on test ride and so far so good...
Still does it. Not the T-stat.
On 2007-03-13 17:38, Mark62 wrote:
Still does it. Not the T-stat.
Mark, you gonna have a complete bike in spares soon!!

I know you have probably checked the fuel delivery system so dont shoot me down, but is the fuel pump or filter ok?

"The whole event only last a fraction of a second."
Your description in the first post.
Is this a case of the coughs or simply poor response? A series of stutters or a hiccup?
COIL cured it
Thanks for all the input and interest.

Did you ever sort this one out - I am having similar problems as per my more recent posting and threads from that


ooops please ignore my last post - as when I posted I had only noticed the first page of postings and in fact there are 2 other pages
During my troubleshooting I found: a bad thermostat, leaking fuel petcock diaphram, dirty air filter, clogged low speed jet on #2 carb and of course the COIL. My total was about $200 and a lot of cussing and labor hours. Now the bike runs better than ever and it is ready for the summer!
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