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It is cold and flu season and my Trophy has developed an intermittent cough. It occurs when I roll on the throttle hard. The bike shudders and the tach drops. The whole event only last a fraction of a second. I think I have a loose electrical connection. I have checked the battery connections and they are good. I have also checked the crank sensor and it ohmns good. I am going to check the igniter connector. Anyone have more ideas?
I recently replaced the battery and both headlights with halogens.

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If it's a Triumph with Gill coils manufactured prior to '05 then the coils are always suspect. If you look at the classics and cruisers site it is a running topic of conversation and complaint. My Trophy has yet to experience any coil problems but the year is young. Just a thought.
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Mark62, I also have a Legend '01 with 46,000 miles on her. Any time I have problems with her it always finds its way back to the coils. She started running rough after replacing two of the coils. Finally after much experimenting I replaced the last coil and one of the new ones. I still experienced intermitent lapses of electrical spark. I had swapped them every way you could think of. When i put three new coils on her at one time the cure was miraculous. hasn't missed a beat since. Gill supposedly started machine winding their coils in '05. Prior to that they were hand wound. If you go the coil route look for ones that were wound in '05. The manu. date is close to the screw hole. Good luck.
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