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It is cold and flu season and my Trophy has developed an intermittent cough. It occurs when I roll on the throttle hard. The bike shudders and the tach drops. The whole event only last a fraction of a second. I think I have a loose electrical connection. I have checked the battery connections and they are good. I have also checked the crank sensor and it ohmns good. I am going to check the igniter connector. Anyone have more ideas?
I recently replaced the battery and both headlights with halogens.

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Love my Trophy but hate its' coils....After the 60K mile check-up mine was still coughing some and cutting out a little.....bought a can of "Sea Foam" and two (2) tanks later she is running smooth again.....must have been some "varnish" in the system...any way, the Sea Foam cleaned it up ! :cool:
1 - 1 of 47 Posts
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