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The cap can be easily cleaned up w/ a tooth brush and water.

There is two springs in there. One is calibrated for letting the coolant flow in when the inside pressure is too low, and the second is calibrated to let the coolant out when the pressure is too high. Each sprint correspond to a gasket. So each gasket might get stuck (can't open up) or can't close properly.

So You can have separated symptoms:
If the excessive pressure can't get out something has to blow out (hose, gasket...)
If the excessive depression can't be compensated by any additional coolant flowing in you get some flat coolant hose when cold (I had that on the GT).
When either of the gasket is not properly closed (dirty) so you get coolant flowing out in the coolant tank and ultimately outside on the ground. You then may get into trouble because you may allow the coolant to boil not being able to maintain the coolant circuit pressure.

The boiling point of the coolant is maintained high because of the pressure. The coolant is not supposed to boil.

If cleaning up the cap caskets (usually it make the trick) doesn't make it so change it.

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