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Hey All, Just a quick question . I have a new '06 ST - just had the 1k service last week. About 2 weeks ago did a ride on a hot day (35 C / 95 F) for about 300km, temp gauge never went above 6 or 7 bar and was mostly on the 5 bar.
When I stopped at the end of the ride and turned the motor off the coolant reservoir started to overflow and discharge onto the ground - via pipe underneath. When it cooled down the level had gone from MAX to 1 inch below MIN in the reservoir.
Topped up coolant and the next day it did the same thing.
Dealer inspected at 1k service and said all was OK ????
Should I be worried , I've never had a bike do this before and this is my 6th bike - Any suggestions or comments appreciated
( took cap off radiator when cool and it was full)
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