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Cool Movie to rent

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George Eads stars in a 2004 movie "Evil Knieval"
Not to be confused with George Hamiltons older movie.
When filming the Ceasars Palace jump the re-creation clearly shows a New Triumph and the camera also zero's in on the gas tank and the Triumph tank badge. What struck me as odd was they did not bother to repaint the 'new Bonneville's gas tank to match the old Ceasars Palces Triumph jump. The film interacts with actual footage. There is a cool BSA in the movie also.
Cons: watching the documentary of this DVD they claimed Evel jumped on '1000 pound' Harleys! They were trying to compare Evels jumps with todays light weight "techno jump bikes. But 1000 pound bikes?
Another con: Triumph was not given credit durring the film or documentary. All the glory went to the HD liars.
Triumph may have been given credit in the credit scrolls, but I cant read small print anymore!
PRos: A real good movie. Some stunt bikes were unrecognizable by me. Any Eagle eyes out there?
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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