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converting thrux front end to bonne

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i have a situation where i want a bonne, but this guy is offereing a thrux for pretty cheap. is it possible to convert the front end of a thrux to a bonne? i like the back end of the thrux but i don't like the leaning forward with pressure on the wrists. is it difficult to convert and how much would i look at spending?
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Welcome, converting the front end to a bonnie would require a set of higher bars available at:

they will set you back around $70 for a set of norman hyde bars at newbonneville.

And the other changes are only small, such as the Thrux has an alloy front wheel which is reported to be better! Alloy headlamp brackets (which I personaly prefer).
Smaller front mudguard (I've got an idea here, you could see if any one here would swap their bonnie mudguard for a thrux one!)
Then theres the sportier mirrors (worth trying to swap with someone on here again and the front indicators are set bellow the headlamp instead of on the sides of the headlamp, looks like it's easy to move them, but dont hold me to it!!!

Hope this helps, Oh and Im sure the others will be along with more info.

Ben :wink:
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Several people make kits to replace the thrux top yoke with a yoke designed to hold your favorite handlebars. This is the LSL kit with LSL superbike bars. About 399.00.

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If you are willing to trade the upper yoke+$50 I will send you my yoke, bar mount, clamp and superbars.

I just put clipons on, I have enough stuff laying around the garage.


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The Thrux also has a smaller front wheel, the Bonnie sports a 19 incherwhile the Thrux a 18 inch. Doubt this will change the look too much but figered I would toss that out.

I bought a Bonnie at a good deal and seem to be spending $$$$$$$$ to make it Thruxtony. If we lived nearby I would say let me drive over and we could just swap front end stuff but that a very long wet drive to your house.

If it were me I would keep what you got and just add the bar conversion like what Thrux ton up has on his sweet ride. Kinda gives you the best of both worlds.
I did the conversion on mine, it worked pretty good with Speed Triple bars. The problem was with the rear sets, my knees didn't like to be cramped like that for long and I wound up trading it off before I got around to switching the pegs over. One advantage of the Thruxton front wheel is most decent sportbike rubber is available in an 18 inch diameter. Once you go to the 19 inch T100 wheel your options are a lot fewer.

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