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If you have not yet tried our comfort riding shorts well here's some additional products that you might be interested in. Coming soon......

We have finalized our riding sock. This is a sock that offers light compression with 40% Aloe fiber construction. Initial feedback is very favorable. This will be available end of next week. When we release it I will post all of the technical features of this product.

We will also have our women's version of our comfort undergarments available very soon. Brand new technology for this one.

We will offer a longer, over-the-knee length of our current Moto-Skiveez®. This will have a slightly higher elastic content fabric intended more for competitive riding as opposed to long distance touring.

And yesterday, I just tested our "Technical Riding Shirt." This product is designed for and uses different fabric's, that are specific to the needs of the motorcyclist. We need to do a few minor changes but I'm really pleased with initial testing.

As always, our intent in not to re-purpose existing products and market them for use in riding motorcycles, but rather to define a specific need or concern and create products from the ground up, that are specific to those needs.
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