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comfortable scrambler seat

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I'm thinking of doing a little distance riding with my Scrambler, but I need a more comfortable seat first. Is the solo seat really more comfortable than the stock seat? They look like they'd be about the same to me. Does anybody have any experiance with the gel seat or a sixty8 seat?
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I am thinking about getting a sheepskin seat cover for my Scrambler. I actually spoke with a very nice gal at Alaska Leather about how I would be able to cover the entire seat and the backrest on mine. I was thinking about buying an entire pelt and then having my brother in law, who does custom car interiors (mainly leather), make me a custom cover for the seat and backrest. This is in keeping with my plan to add a luggage rack and do some long weekend trips with my wife this summer. My current Scrambler seat isn't very comfortable for longer trips, and I actually have the gel seat already, but it's really not super comfortable for longer trips.

Here's Alaska Leather's website:

The nice gal at Alaska Leather told me that there's another company which she recommends that makes custom sheepskin covers with exact fit for many kinds of motorcycle seats. Alaska Leather makes butt pads which strap on and are very reasonably priced, so that's another option, but I think I want to go with the custom look as I want to cover my backrest as well.

The name of the other company which makes custom seat covers is hartco seats. For anyone interested their website is listed below:
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