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Cold and Windy day

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Was a cold and cloudy morning for west central Florida. Started off in mid 40's and never got above mid 50's. Sure we will get no sympathy from the northern folks. Cold was not as bad as the wind. Blowing North/NE 20+ with gust between 30-40 mph. Riding across the bridge on upper Tampa Bay this morning was a trip. The wind whipping across the water was pushing the Creamsicle all over the roadway. Had to lower speed in order to control the bike. Was glad to get across to the other side.

Despite the wind and cold had a great ride, an just worn out from the wind blowing us around. We did about 175 miles round trip with a stop for breakfast. And as always five Triumphs going down the road looks good no matter how bad the weather.

Hat's off to you northern guys that have to ride in the cold more than us. Expect back in the 70's by mid week, looking forward to that.
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sounds like a good ride.when I lived down there if it hit 60 the people were wearing jackets :-D .brrr
the OLD sunshine skyway bridge was a bitc* in the wind once you hit the top span and the metal grading.
All I have to say is.....


It's 19 degrees outside....and that feels like summer when compared to the recent cold spell we've had.
Looks like it'll be a while longer around here, it was -9 below this morning with out wind chill. Oh ya, just a few feet of snow to remove first.

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