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Clutch slipping on a 2004 Bonnie

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Got the bike with around 5,200 miles on it and after one summer it still only has a little over 8,000 miles on it

the clutch feel like it is slipping at high revs, usually if I roll half throttle or more above about 4,500 rpm's

seems fine under those R's

The low miles have me a little freaked about the clutch slipping already but I suppose this would be the time to admit that the symptoms started the day after some showoff burnouts so I probably cooked the clutch through my own stupidity - did I mention I also need a new tire?

if I need to replace the plates is this a weekend wrenchers type of job

Never cracked the case on a Triumph before so I really don't what I am in for or if I need any special tools.
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I knew something was wrong with my clutch but I couldn't nail it down. It didn't slip in the classic sense, was just ... soft at 14,000 miles. Having never seen a motorcycle clutch, I naturally did the job myself. Turned out I had severly burned two of the steel plates - and yes, that odor was in the oil.
The job was relatively easy, my 04 did NOT require the centering tool. I had the basic tools (a click type torque wrench is an absolute requirement) and a good place to work. Did I save money - maybe some. More importantly, I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. Plan on replacing the cable, an oil change, obviously, and don't even try this without the Haynes manual, and maybe the Triumph too. Carefully inspect the replacement discs before acceptance at the dealer.
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