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Clutch slipping on a 2004 Bonnie

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Got the bike with around 5,200 miles on it and after one summer it still only has a little over 8,000 miles on it

the clutch feel like it is slipping at high revs, usually if I roll half throttle or more above about 4,500 rpm's

seems fine under those R's

The low miles have me a little freaked about the clutch slipping already but I suppose this would be the time to admit that the symptoms started the day after some showoff burnouts so I probably cooked the clutch through my own stupidity - did I mention I also need a new tire?

if I need to replace the plates is this a weekend wrenchers type of job

Never cracked the case on a Triumph before so I really don't what I am in for or if I need any special tools.
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My bike had a similar problem. I changed the oil and filter and it seemed to remedy the problem. It will slip a little at very high rpm in 3rd gear and up...but at those speeds, it's considered illegal.
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